Telcon Ltd expands its PCD cutting tool range with the all new HELICON FULL NIB DRILL which achieves gigantic savings in “Cost per Hole” drilling in the aircraft industry and with the added capability of drilling a very large variety of non-ferrous materials.

The Helicon Full Nib Drill is machined with Telcon’s latest 6 Axis, State-of-the-art, simultaneous grinding and erosion machine. Telcon’s Helicon Full Nib Drill has been specifically developed for the drilling of non ferrous and coarse materials, especially CFRP and CFRP/Metal stack used on all modern aircraft today. Helicon obviates separation and delamination, when drilling numerous tight tolerance precision holes.

The final product has just recently been tested by one of the world’s leading aerospace facilities that produce major aircraft components for all the aircraft manufacturers worldwide. The test was carried out under the strictest supervision and the results were amazing with no separation, delamination and perfect, high tolerance holes.

TELCON has been fortunate to steadily and remarkably increase its market share in the Aerospace Cutting Tools industry recently. By developing solutions and meeting requirements – we continue to positively contribute to the market.

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