Quality Policy


TELCON’s quality policy defines a holistic approach towards customer’s satisfaction and benefit. While maintaining ISO 9001:2015 standards, Telcon saves no efforts in keeping its manufacturing products on the first line of quality and Excellency with presale, sale and post-sale support.

Diamond-tools manufacturing is done using the most modern manufacturing equipment to obtain best repeatability and reproducibility while using the highest quality diamond, carbide and steel grades.

With professional and continuously trained staff, Telcon maintains in-process quality control and final inspection control on the most modern measuring equipment allowing strict and accurate measurements and digitally documented reports for each and every tool for customer’s COA.

Telcon’s delivery lead times are faster than market standard while keeping highest OTD and lowest return rates.

Professional application engineers support presale efforts to assure the best solution, while addressing post-sale FAQ’s to assure application success.



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