Manual Complex Composites Drilling

Composite materials are a major part in the material construction of any modern airplane. Civil and Defense Drones are constructed from multiple layered thinned skin composites. This challenges any manufacturing workshop dealing with manual drilling of these drones parts.  
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Telcon’s new designed PCD Full-Nib

In almost every airframe part there are predrilled holes. During assembly process of these parts, final holes are drilled and parts connection is made. While final holes during assembly process are done manually, almost all predrilled holes are done in CNC operation. Telcon's new ...
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We are happy to present our year end promotion

You can get more information on each of the tools mentioned in our website in: For quote and delivery, please refer to us directly at  [email protected]  or to your contact in Telcon
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We are proud to present Telcon’s new website – a modern, friendly and easy to use website

We are proud to present Telcon's new website - a modern, friendly and easy to use website: - All tooling solutions for composite materials, including diamond drills, end-mills and countersinks. - Dimension tables and PDF drawings. - Easy to use RFQ interface. - Case studies for various ...
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