The aerospace market is one of the largest and most important to the composites industry. There is substantial use of composites, (both inside and outside the vehicle) in Commercial aircraft, military aircraft, helicopters, business jets, and general aviation aircraft. In Boeing’s 787, for instance, 50% of the plane’s weight is made of composites materials, assisting with weight reduction and improved fuel efficiency.

Composites parts, which are mostly in the form of carbon fiber with epoxy polymer (CFRP), exist in many parts of the airplane body, such as: fuselage, wings, vertical & horizontal stabilizers, doors, covers, constructive beams etc.

Composite materials are machined in CNC machining centers and in manual operations on the assembly lines.

Due to their abrasive characteristics, composite materials are mostly machined with PCD and CVD diamond tools, to achieve higher wear resistance and prolonged tool life.

TELCON’s high performance diamond PCD and CVD tools are a proven solution for machining of composite materials and are supplied to major aerospace companies such as Boeing, Airbus and Lockheed Martin.




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Telcon Diamond Ltd. is a world leading manufacturer of Diamond PCD and CVD cutting tools for the machining of composite materials: CFRP, GFRP, MMC, CMC and hard ceramics. TELCON produces a wide range of tools used by many of the world’s leaders in the field including Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed-Martin, Spirit, ATK, Embraer, Denel, ELBIT and IAI. Telcon’s tools include: PCD tipped Drills, CVD diamond drills, Carbide drills, PCD Countersinks, Carbide tipped Countersinks, PCD tipped End Mills and CVD diamond End Mills and Carbide End Mills.

TELCON possesses the most advanced Grinding, and EDM machines and state of the art Quality control equipment. TELCON’s vacuum brazing equipment is highly controlled to ensure repeatability and reproducibility of brazing operation. TELCON uses world class PCD and carbide grades and CVD coatings. In addition to tools manufacturing, Telcon operating reconditioning services for PCD and carbide tools.

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