PCD (Poly Crystalline Diamond) is a synthetic diamond made of sintered diamond powder and other metals. TELCON uses the finest PCD materials for its PCD drills, Countersinks and End-Mills in the form of Wafer segments and Full-Nib segments, which are brazed in vacuum brazing technology to a body, made of tungsten carbide or treated steel. Different PCD substrates are chosen according to specific tool applications. Tools are processed in hybrid erosion-grinding CNC centers to their final geometry.

CVD Diamond

CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) coating is an industry standard coating process of cutting tools. CVD Diamond, however, is a more specific and complex coating in which diamond Nano particles are grown on the tool substrate to have few microns layer thickness of diamond coating. For best results, specific carbide substrates (grades) should be used. TELCON uses the best in class tungsten carbide grade and CVD diamond coating on its drills and End-Mills, leading to excellent tool life workpiece quality.

Micro PCD tools

Micro PCD tools are still rare in the cutting tools market due to difficulty in achieving good results in the Erosion process. TELCON has acquired a new technology to manufacture micro PCD tools, allowing the achievement of superb surface finish and corner sharpness, in diameters of 1.0mm and under, for the use in machining hard materials in the dental, electronics and D&M industries.


PCD (Poly Crystalline Diamond) is a synthetic diamond made of sintered diamond powder and other metals. In the Vein technology, the PCD is sintered to the carbide body during its manufacturing process. TELCON uses for its Vein drills the best in class PCD Vein sintered nibs allowing the achievement of the highest wear resistance and longer tool life.


Abrasive tools are a variety of Diamond Vacuum plated or Electro plated tool geometries for cutting, milling and grinding of composite materials and ceramics. TELCON's diamond abrasive tools, offer high grinding efficiency and low grinding forces, in order to avoid burning and cracks on the workpiece surface and to provide high wear resistance, leading to longer tool life.
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