Diamond Drills


PCD Drills

Telcon Diamond manufactures all cutting tool solutions for machining of composite materials. One of the successful series of products is the Diamond drill bit, known as PCD Drill. 

With and without coolant thru holes, these drills have added flexibility with improved geometry and can drill a wide range of composite materials: CFRP & CFRP/Stack materials. These drills are used also in the automotive industry – Aluminum with high Silicon applications.  Telcon’s Diamond drills , made from superior PCD diamond grades, are available in 4 and 8 facets and can also be made to print. Standard sizes begin from 2mm (.08″). Additional dimensions are available on request. All PCD Drills can be reconditioned several times. Telcon’s PCD drills are performing successfully and continuously at major aerospace customers in a variety of different applications.  Ask us for more information on Diamond drills or Diamond cutting tools.

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Diamond Coated Drills

Telcon Diamond manufactures all cutting tool solutions for machining of composite materials. One of the high performance series added recently to Telcon's diamond drills are Telcon's CVD drills.

A combination of high quality carbide grade with superior geometry design and world class CVD coating enables a competitive advantage and cost effectiveness significantly superior to carbide drills and even some PCD drills in the market. The unique design of the CVD drills allows higher tool life, as much 1000 holes and more, without delamination. Cost per hole for Telcon’s CVD drills is proved to be 0.1$/hole and less. These drills can be used on all types of composite materials, including unidirectional and bidirectional fiber materials, CFRP and GFRP. Standard sizes begin from 3mm (.12″). Additional dimensions are available on request.

Drill Countersink

Telcon Diamond manufactures all aerospace tools solutions for machining of composite materials.  Drilling and countersinking are common practices in composite materials in CNC and airframe assembly lines.

One of Telcon’s Diamond drill bit series is Drill/Countersinks which allows both drilling and countersinking to be made in one single manufacturing operation, while reducing manufacturing costs, tool costs and improving accuracy. Telcon’s Drill/CSK are available in 3 configurations: PCD drill/PCD countersink, Carbide Drill/PCD countersink and CVD Drill/Countersink. The PCD Drill/CSK can be with either a wafer or Full-nib PCD configuration. This series of tools has no standard dimension and are thus primarily produced to print, while drill diameter, drill flute length, CSK diameter and CSK angle change. All dimensions can be done, including tools with a through coolant option. All drills/countersinks can be reconditioned several times.

Telcon Diamond Ltd. is a world leading manufacturer of Diamond PCD and CVD cutting tools for the machining of composite materials: CFRP, GFRP, MMC, CMC and hard ceramics. TELCON produces a wide range of tools used by many of the world’s leaders in the field including Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed-Martin, Spirit, ATK, Embraer, Denel, ELBIT and IAI. Telcon’s tools include: PCD tipped Drills, CVD diamond drills, Carbide drills, PCD Countersinks, Carbide tipped Countersinks, PCD tipped End Mills and CVD diamond End Mills and Carbide End Mills.

TELCON possesses the most advanced Grinding, and EDM machines and state of the art Quality control equipment. TELCON’s vacuum brazing equipment is highly controlled to ensure repeatability and reproducibility of brazing operation. TELCON uses world class PCD and carbide grades and CVD coatings. In addition to tools manufacturing, Telcon operating reconditioning services for PCD and carbide tools.

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