Diamond End Mills

Telcon Diamond manufactures all Diamond cutting tools solutions for machining of composite materials. One of the first operations done on a composite material part, after it is taken out of the Autoclave, is trimming or edging. Telcon manufacturers few options of this application:  

Among the Diamond end-mills, you can find 2 flutes PCD end-mill for general machining of CFRP parts, slotting, grooving and edging.

In addition, high performance PCD spiral end-mill for high stock removal rates and prolonged tool life with extremely smooth cut and burr free results, utilized, for example, in trimming the openings in airplane fuselage.

The PCD ball-nose end-mill is suitable to create 3D surfaces in composite material parts, where accurate profile is required and cannot be made during material layup.

Additional milling option is a CVD routers, for various applications in composite materials, based carbon fiber or glass fibers. The CVD routers, are to be used, for example, where delamination is crucial or when workpiece thickness is rather low. By design, the CVD router can be used for lower machine loads and under dry or wet conditions.

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