Why you should try PCD dental milling tools


As part of the fabrication of dentures it is a common practice to bind yourself with one manufacturer for the Cad/Cam machine and get both the Dental blanks and the Dental Burs in one package, this package is supplied by the manufacturer and can be adequate.

However, in these packages hides a large loss for the dental lab, bringing both the price up and provides redundant elements that may not be needed as part of the package. Many dental labs are reluctant to move from the manufacturer options even if it is an inferior product to the existing options in the market.

Getting the Right Dental tool for the job

Dental milling tools are a great example for this, while the manufacturers mostly sell regular milling tools from solid carbide, in the market exist a vastly superior option: Telcon PCD Dental  tools with much longer lifespan and the ability to keep the cutting edge for much longer periods and under heavy workload, reducing in inaccuracy caused by wear of the cutting edge by a large margin.

Using Telcon patented alternative tools in the Cad/Cam milling machine will get you up to X8 savings per crown compared to existing milling tools provided by the machine manufacturer, and that just in direct tooling costs, the number can radically increase when considering setup time and inaccuracy ratio.

Why Dental labs don’t change the dental burs they use today?

In many cases Labs are reluctant to swap the machine manufacturer as the milling tools supplier, this is caused due to two things:

  • Simplicity: it’s close to home, it’s easy and you already know the supplier…
  • Fear factor: will it annal my warranty? Will the new product fit in the machine?

It’s very easy to see why the Labs are reluctant to swap suppliers, however it’s also very easy to see why the swap is very lucrative! By saving the inherent costs in the process the lab can have more bang for the buck and save thousands of dollars each year.

Why use Telcon dental milling tools?

Telcon dental milling tools are the cream of the crop, the Patented unique tools provide up to X15 more crowns per tool then existing tungsten carbide tools. The tools are very durable and allow high speed processing of many crowns without losing the cutting edge or harming the crown accuracy. In addition, telcon tools are adapted to fit the chucks of Sirona, Amann Girrbach and Zirkonzahn Cad/Cam milling machine.

Telcon tools have a long history of success and performance in very demanding industries such as aerospace industry, Telcon has decided to use this expertise in the Dental milling tools industry to create a vastly superior product that can out preform the existing products in the market by a large margin.


  1. Bur Usage:
    • Applicable materials: Zirconia and PMMA discs only.
    • Cooling conditions: Dry or wet.
    • Bur selection: Refer to machine manufacturer’s standards.
  2. Cutting Conditions:
    • Preset in most CAD/CAM programs.
    • Use tables below if no presets exist.
  3. Bur Information:
    • Table details dimensions, catalog numbers, and compatible machine types.

Table: Bur Dimensions and Cutting Conditions

Material Bur Type Diameter (mm) RPM (Roughing) RPM (Finishing) Table Feed (mm/min) Ap (mm) Ae (mm)
Zirconia Tungsten Carbide 2.5 28,000 1200-1500 0.3 1.25
2.0 35,000 1200-1500 0.3 1.0
1.0 38,000 800-1000 0.1 0.1
0.6 63,000 500-600 0.05 0.05
0.5 64,000 500-600 0.05 0.05
CVD Diamond 2.5 28,000 1200-1500
SDT Diamond 2.5 28,000 1200-1500
PMMA Tungsten Carbide 2.5 32,000 1300-1600 0.3 1.25
2.0 40,000 1300-1600 0.3 1.0
1.0 57,000 700-900 0.1 0.1

Note: Ap (axial depth) and Ae (radial depth) data are missing for some finishing conditions in the PMMA section. Refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for these values.

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Telcon Diamond Ltd. is a world leading manufacturer of Diamond PCD and CVD cutting tools for the machining of composite materials: CFRP, GFRP, MMC, CMC and hard ceramics. TELCON produces a wide range of tools used by many of the world’s leaders in the field including Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed-Martin, Spirit, ATK, Embraer, Denel, ELBIT and IAI. Telcon’s tools include: PCD tipped Drills, CVD diamond drills, Carbide drills, PCD Countersinks, Carbide tipped Countersinks, PCD tipped End Mills and CVD diamond End Mills and Carbide End Mills.

TELCON possesses the most advanced Grinding, and EDM machines and state of the art Quality control equipment. TELCON’s vacuum brazing equipment is highly controlled to ensure repeatability and reproducibility of brazing operation. TELCON uses world class PCD and carbide grades and CVD coatings. In addition to tools manufacturing, Telcon operating reconditioning services for PCD and carbide tools.

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